1. What wishes do we realize?

We realize nearly all feasible wishe. A family party, a Bundesliga match, a concert, a visit to a Zoo, a walk on the beach …

2. How does submitting a wish work?

Our team contacts you after having received and reviewd your request. We will then shedule an appointment to discuss further details.

3. What kind of health states are manageable?

The general state of the recipient must enable him to participate in the fullfilment of his wish.

4. How can you support us?

There are plenty of possibilities to support us.

As a Sponsor or Donor, you can impact our work in a big way. Your donations enable us to help the unfortunated.

You can also support us as a volunteer. Volunteers must pursuie a mandatory internal training. Volunteers can also contribute by supporting the daily administration and representation of our association. Learn more here


We are Wonschkuasch Asbl

Our team of passionate volunteers will help you to realise your relevants last wishes. We provide service for all terminally ill people.

Contact us to learn more about how it works

Wonschkutschs team is tetermined to help you. Please do not be afraid to submit a wish request. Just do it, this is for everyone!

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